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Dog accessories have never been sold or used as products of expression, products that showcase the extension of your lifestyle just like the shoe you wear, the pair of jeans you buy and the watch on your wrist. Why? Because they never existed. Until now.

The Dog Collection Store is an online boutique that offers dog clothes, leash, harnesses, collars, grooming supplies, toys, and other accessories. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all the dog lovers. We believe that since your dog is a part of your family, they deserve nothing but the most stylish and colorful options out there. This is why we offer high-end collars, leashes and accessories that contain heart and soul to perfectly match your dog’s unique personality and loving nature.


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When it comes to dog collars, leashes, and other accessories offered at chain stores, it can be hard to find anything that is truly unique and makes your special pup stand out. This is why we want to create a special relationship with all dogs around the world, to continuously improve and offer the best products possible.

Our relationship is very special and we have a big ambition to share and indulge our love of being together with others, and our passion for all things dog.

Our great team of seamstresses, and workers keep everything made beautifully and sent out in a timely manner. Our goal is to make you a happy customer! 

We do things differently. We follow what is trending and we create pet products with a fundamental understanding of what people want. The Dog Collection Store was born out of a necessity first and foremost and, since then, we have grown a worldwide community of dog lovers that look for an alternative.

Welcome to the family.

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